November 17, 2009

Day One in Atlanta

I woke up in Atlanta this morning, and one of my favorite first things to do when I stay in hotel rooms, is to open the blinds as soon as I get out of bed. I love natural light when I get ready in the morning. I do this at home too, but it's usually dark when I get up, the view isn't that great, I don't have any curtains and since I'm on the ground floor, if anyone walks through my backyard by chance, they can see right into my room.

So...anyways....besides the main part of my view being the hotel parking garage and the spaghetti junction, I LOVED seeing all the leaves on the trees. All the brilliant shades of green, orange and red is what I always miss about the seasons.

Since our first appointments on both days were at 10am, I knew that we'd have time to stop for some breakfast on our way out to Marietta. I did a little search online last night for some good local spots so we didn't end up at an IHOP. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with IHOP, or Denny's for that matter, I just like to enjoy local spots when I travel instead of the same ole stuff I can get anywhere.

I learned about JChristopher's, and even sought confirmation on the spot from a former coworker that now lives in Atlanta. He recommended to get the Eggs Christopher...and after looking to see what it was....that was what I decided to get.

Not before Albert and I both had our share of caffeinated beverages though. My dish was their version of Eggs Benny, complete with tomato and bacon too!! I asked for a big side of brown sugar to put in my grits and it was delicious!! Anything is tasty when you add that much sugar to it! :) Albert is trying to eat healthier, so he opted for lots of fruit on top of this waffles.

We had a really great meeting with the awesome folks at McCreary. I'd met Michael at the show in Orlando and learned that we were both photogs, so I knew that we'd get along. All great people at their office.

After another visit, and some more driving all around Atlanta, we headed back to the hotel to get a little work done. It was almost 8 when Albert sent me a text asking if I was hungry for some dinner.

Across the street at the Perimeter Mall, there were several dining options. In staying with the theme of not going somewhere that I could go at home, we ended up at Maggiano's. Albert cracks me up because work never stops for him, so on our way into the restaurant, all through our wait, and for a while after we sat down, he was on the phone. I love to give Albert a hard time, and so I snapped this picture of him still working as we are sitting down to enjoy a little dindin.

Another day tomorrow of meetings in Atlanta. Really enjoying the little bit of cold and crisp weather here! Next time we're here it might be snowing and I won't be able to say the same thing, so I'll enjoy it while I can! :)

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Anonymous said...

Brown sugar in your grits?!? Blasphemy! Lots of butter and salt, please : )