November 12, 2009

Costa Rica - Here we come!

YAY!! We made it to Costa Rica!!! We landed in Liberia a little bit after noon and got a taxi to wisp us away straight to the resort!!

The Hilton Papagayo was beautiful!! The sky was blue, the ocean was clear, the grass was green.....we were on vacation and I couldn't be happier. Our phones were on airplane mode, and not coming computer was disconnected....and that....was....awesome!!

The resort was very happy that Melissa and Chris' group was much that they announced it to the whole resort with the message in stones! So fun!!

After getting checked into the bungalow we headed to the pool. It was great to see the look on everyone's faces when we showed up a little before 1. They weren't expecting us until that evening. We had no way to let anyone know that we were rerouted and coming early. :)

We hung out at the pool the rest of the afternoon and that was all we did. No time schedule, no phone calls, nothing to do but relax and enjoy ourselves and our friends!

We lathered on the sunscreen so we didn't get any sun. Ha!! Last year this time I would have been out there naked to the sun's rays....but I guess I realized that I'm over the wrinkles and want to do something good for my skin from now on. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat - completely protected from the sun. :)

It was a great afternoon just chilling out.

The evening had us meeting up with everyone else there for the wedding celebration. Melissa and Chris held a little happy hour for all of the guests of the wedding.

We retired early and took advantage of some of the technology that Brett did bring with him. He left his laptop at home (for the first time ever I think on traveling) but he did bring his iPod and all the cables, so we were able to keep up with the craziness and we watched Toy Story 2.

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