November 30, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We got back to Santa Barbara in the late afternoon yesterday so we could start decorating my house for Christmas. Brett had packed up the stuff before we left and it was sitting in his truck in my garage.

He got up on the roof and started with the lights. He had something like 7000 of them to work with, and got right to work. He did that, while I worked on the inside.

He looked like Santa up there...and it was so great!! I've never been involved in putting lights up somewhere that I lived, so this was a lot of fun!!

Isn't he cute? :)

I worked on the inside while Brett worked out in the cold. I unpacked all my boxes marked "Christmas" and set everything out so it could find its way to the right spot. Lots of Santas and Snowmen!

Brett put some of the lights in the house on the floor...and it seemed that Molly was intrigued!! She really liked we quickly put them away before she went and electrocuted herself!

I really love the way the tree turned out. I had a few ornaments and put them up first. Afterwards, I put the rest of the ones from my childhood up there too. Last Christmas my Mom split up the Christmas ornaments from when we grew up and put them all on small trees for me and my sisters. I put all of those on the tree too...and it looks so wonderful! :)

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