November 27, 2009

Running on Turkey Fumes the Day After

On Friday we met up with everyone over at Barb's and took a quick trip up to Nevada City for the afternoon. The street was lined with all sorts of cute shops and restaurants. I got a few cute Christmas ornaments, while Grandma Jan tried on a nice warm fur coat!

We stopped in at The Beach Hut for a bite to eat. Grandpa must have gotten so used to holding Grandma's purse over the years....he looked so natural in this pose. :)

Their hot chocolate looked so good!! I thought this quick shot was so adorable of Jan and John. If they were sending out a photo card, I'd vote this to be the image! :)

After cleaning up a bit, we met back up again at Brad and David's for some evening conversations and dinner. They cooked us up some yummy French Dip sandwiches.

We had a great time hanging out by the fireplace and enjoying each other's company.

Last night, Grandpa reminded me that he was still mad at me for beating him at Cribbage last year. It was my 2nd time playing ever, and I ended up winning. Chalk it up to beginner's luck. Brett and I played a few times at the beginning of this year, but when I agreed to a rematch, I had to have him remind me of how the game went. I honestly had forgotten already.

So, we started our game and Grandpa was headed off to a good score. He pegged 24 points in the first round to my 17....and it was my crib! Nice round!! The game was back and forth up until the last hand. It was Grandpa's turn, so he had 3 turns to count to my one. He was only 9 points from winning, and I was about 20 behind. It looked like the fate of the game was already sealed.

Until......I don't recall every move....but Grandpa ended up not scoring a single point in the first part of the round, and I pegged a few. Then, he counted up 8 points. EIGHT! One short of the end. Then it was my turn to count, and some how, I ended up getting right at 121.

We couldn't believe it. It's the closest game that Grandpa has ever seen in all his years of playing Cribbage. I beat him by ONE point! None of us could believe it.

Brett played a round so Grandpa could have his win. He beat Brett by 6 points. It was another close one, but he pulled out the W.

Another great night with the family here in Sacramento!! Looking forward to our next visit soon!

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