May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Happy Memorial Day!! We got together with the Bradshaws, Hunts and Fairfields for some brunch at Tupelo Junction Cafe. So glad that we're already all hanging out together after our homegroup has ended. Such a great group of people and I'm so grateful that we were all brought together in our group.

After we stuffed ourselves silly and I'd had almost 3 cups of coffee (what?!?!) we took a quick trip over to the I Madonnari festival at the Mission to walk through the chalk art.

There was one artist that was drawing three kids that were so lifelike. It turns out that they were his kids, and they are watching neat!

You could tell who the artists were pretty easily.

There were so many great ones, it was hard to pick favorites.

There were so many people out there enjoying the artists and their work.

We then decided to go over to the grassy area and just sit for a while.....well, after smelling the roses that is. It was the most wonderful afternoon. The sun was out. The sky was blue. The conversation and company was awesome.....AND Caitlin made me a little clover necklace. I'd never seen one of those before and it was so pretty.

We sat around for a long time doing a whole lot of nothing this afternoon....mainly I was getting caught up on my blog while watching Grey's Anatomy on hulu. The last two episodes were so crazy intense. Seriously....I have never been that upset about a silly TV show...but man, oh man.

So, after that was over we decided to go on a bike ride. Brett pushes me when we go work out so now I'm even more sore than I was earlier today. :)

Ok.....I'm done. Wonderful weekend!!

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The City Girl said...

Just fyi, that guy does a new portrait of his kids each year. How cool is that?!

I miss I Madonnari! I'm so glad you got to see it:)