May 30, 2010

Sunday Funday

It's Sunday Funday and it started with church for me and Brett, and then we stopped by Camille's right in time for the judging of the Bread Pudding Contest. Jen, Suzy and Camille all made up some yummy puddings for us to try.

We tasted. We voted.

Camille's chocolate bread pudding won.....which made our hostess very happy. :)

Brett and I headed back and ended up biking over to the AT&T store for some routine phone stuff....or so we thought. Half way through the proceedings, Travis asked us "How attached are you to your phone numbers?", and then explained that I'd have to switch mine if we wanted to combine our accounts. So.....I dropped the 512, and now I have an 805.

I was so excited to meet up with Juliann and her family at Santa Claus Lane beach for some family photos. I really enjoyed meeting the rest of her family - she's one of my favorite people in SB! I hope that her Mom likes what we end up with.....I think I got some pretty sick shots. :)

It was a little later in the evening when we went back over to Camille's house for some more hanging out and dinner.

Great Sunday....but so glad that we have tomorrow off work too!! Woohoo! :)

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