May 14, 2010

The Good Stuff all over Austin

We got up early and started our morning off right with breakfast tacos at TacoDeli. It was the only time I would be able to visit with Anna while in town, so I was happy to be there to see her. I was also glad to be consuming two cups of joe since it was really before 6am that we were there California time.

We came back to the house, got ourselves situated for the day, and headed out to explore Austin. It wasn't the greatest weather, it was all rainy and drizzly, so the fun, sunny, parts of Austin were off the list to visit. We ended up getting downtown and walking around Whole Foods for a bit, before deciding that we'd hit up South Congress.

After putting our name in at HomeSlice, we walked over to Justin's Boots. I do love this store, and the smell too. Autumn did find Loralyn the most perfect gift from Texas to bring home to her - pink and brown cowboy boots - yeehaw!!

We then waited, patiently, and hungry-ly, for our table to be ready. The smell of the pizza wasn't helping our grumbling tummies one bit....but, the wait was worth it. The pizzas were super tasty, but even better, Tricia and Hudson came to join us too!!

Afterwards, our car made a quick detour....well, it was a little more than quick since I got turned around a bit, but we found the Austin postcard sign and got a quick shot.

Of course, my trip is a short one, but I wanted to squeeze seeing as many of the ones I love as possible, and that category wouldn't be complete without a visit from Ava and Grace! Kara brought them over and met us at the Arboretum and we hung out with the cows. I love these silly girls and can't believe how much they've grown since the last time I saw them.

We thought it was only right to get them started early....and tried out a group JUMP pic. Love how they are trying to imitate the big girls. So cute!!

Enough time in the rain and walking around....we headed back to Renae's to get ready for our dinner. I wanted to get some good BBQ, and Salt Lick is my favorite, while in Austin, but not before visiting some of my other favorite little ones in ATX.

We dropped in on Laura and her 4 lovely girls before they were getting ready for bed. I think that Autumn, and our Moms had more fun than I did holding the babies. There were almost enough to go around. :) The girls are full fledged little ones already, and Zoe is almost walking!! Geez!! Laura made it all look easy taking care of all of them, as usual. I loved seeing Ava too!! She's such a stinker, but will always be one of my favorites!!

At dinner I didn't go for the all-you-can-eat this time, but I got my fill. Man, that place is good. We did discover that there is a location in Las Vegas too, so maybe I won't have to go too long until I get it again....but was happy to be stuffed on the good stuff!!

Great times today and tonight. Looking forward to more tomorrow!!!

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