May 7, 2010

Oh what a Friday night!!

Oh yes folks....we had ourselves a pretty crazy Friday night. We took a little bike ride around the neighborhood after work. It was such a pretty day, the sun hadn't set yet, and we have the we decided to use them. Brett and I had a great time biking around looking at all the homes, pointing out which ones we like and why. I truly love that we can do this. I've always had an interest in houses....and that still is the same here....whether we'll ever be able to afford one or not. Ha!

A quick trip to Ralph's for some food....and we were back to start dinner. A lady I work with mentioned tacos earlier today, and it got me thinking that sounded good. So, we picked up stuff for taco salads, and a couple movies too. Turns out that Brett and I have a few different thoughts on how to make this we ended up with two separate bowls.

Brett's was a tad larger than mine....but I say that mine tasted better. ;)

We watched Sherlock Holmes...which ended up not being as bad as everyone said it was. I guess I just have lower standards when it comes to mindless entertainment.

Then....around 11, we got started on the real activity for the evening. Stuffing, sealing and stamping our wedding invitations!! Woohoo!! Brett and I designed them ourselves, together, and I gotta say we're pretty proud of the way they turned out. Boone Graphics did a fantastic job of printing them AND the envelopes too!

So...we powered through, and ended up getting the entire task complete in a little less than two hours. Talk about teamwork!! They are going in the mail on Monday to our closest 137 family and friends. I really wish I could have invited every person that has ever crossed my path....but I'm still waiting on that winning lottery ticket to show up at my door.


Marisa said...

hey i liked sherlock holmes! very entertaining :). can't wait to check my mailbox this week!!

Virginia said...

Annemarie, your salad looks waaaaay better because it has cheese on it. What's wrong with that boy of yours?

Brett Bollman said...

That picture doesn't do my portion justice... I hadn't even mixed it up yet. I ended up with cheese and salsa all over mine. Don't let Annemarie fool you... mine was WAY better. :o)