May 8, 2010

Oh, Saturday.....

Oh, what a beautiful Santa Barbara day!! We opted to head to the beach for just a little bit this afternoon to take advantage of the sun. I got it from LB, but whenever Santa Barbara is just too beautiful to believe.....I think, "Oh, Santa Barbara". I thought that quite a bit as we were relaxing and enjoying our afternoon.

The afternoon was a pretty lazy one but then we got started putting more things away, cleaning up the place a bit, and hanging mirrors. I was trading texts with my friend, Jennifer, and she reminded me to capture these I got Brett and Molly and snapped this pic with the phone.

Brett may not admit it to his friends, but he really loves having Molly around. She's so incredibly sweet, and more cuddly than ever before. He's her number one fan for sure.

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The City Girl said...

I had that same thought every time I went to the beach..."Oh, Santa Barbara, you've out-done yourself again!"