May 15, 2010

What a Trooper!

I was fortunate to get to spend the morning with Tara....she busted my wig. For those not as cool as I, I got my hair done. Ha! Kidding about the being cool part, I am anything BUT. I was so glad to be able to spend time chatting and catching up with her, and also have her fix me all up.

I went to meet up with the girls at The Domain in the afternoon for the little food festival they were having in the afternoon. We got ourselves some joint tickets, and had fun walking around trying all the goodies. I also popped into a store or two, but after going in the dressing room at JCrew, decided there and then, that I need to be on some kind of plan to get in better shape for the wedding. Man, those were some bad lights in there. Ugh!!

Our favorite food booth was the last one we managed to find, and we enjoyed the sample wine and chocolates! Corey definitely thought we'd found the jackpot and saved the best for last.

We parted ways to get ready for the party...but that gets a post of its own!!

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