May 16, 2010


I started to enjoy brunch when I lived in Austin....and so I was thrilled to be able to enjoy it again in Austin, and one last meal with friends in TX before heading back home.

We met up at Taverna and stuffed ourselves silly. Despite that I was dreading the hot weather yesterday afternoon, I rather enjoyed being able to wear a sundress in the middle of the morning and not be all!!

After our goodbyes, it was a dash to the airport.....I almost thought I wasn't going to get my bags to the airline in time for it to make it on the plane. Eek!! I don't like to travel that close to the edge.

I breezed through security, and as I was waiting on the other side to meet Autumn to get the pictures that I'd forgotten to get from her, I heard them calling my name on the loud speaker. Uh oh. I was waiting for them at Gate 12, and my plane was at 21. I hightailed it down the terminal and was the last one on the plane....which was ready to pull away from the gate about 10 minutes early (since when do planes leave early?).

As soon as I'm in my seat, I get a call from Autumn and learn, as she's huffing, that she just made the same run and gave the package to the attendant, who then brought it to me on the plane.

I slept on the plane ride, smiling in my sleep as I recounted what a great weekend I had and how lucky I am with these friends.

I landed in Santa Barbara, and as I was waiting for my bag at the claim, I got a call from Brett asking where I was. I turned around and saw him, with Kyle and Bethany in the truck, holding out a sign from the window saying "Welcome Home A $" and I knew I was.....home.

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