May 1, 2010

Merriment for Mr and Mrs Sandoval!!

She's been working on it harder than I've ever seen anyone working on anything for the last few months. Her thoughts and preparations into making the day perfect were applaudable. Danielle married Erik on Saturday and it couldn't have been a prettier or more wonderful day.

The sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, the estate was grand....the perfect day for a celebration!!

Every detail was thought out....and it was all pulled off without a hitch!! The name cards that Shyla put together, and the wall she built, were so fun!! I loved the flowers that hung from the hooks along the aisle. The two were superb.

Seeing all of this put together and beautiful....and knowing that only a few days before it was in bins, tubs, and boxes, in the garage at our place....was magic!!

Everyone in the bridal party looked fabulous.....but none more so than Danielle! She was glowing as she walked down the aisle to meet her man. I loved seeing Erik's expression as she strolled down to be with him.

The kiss was quite a spectacle....Erik picked Danielle right off the ground.....or maybe she jumped into him....but it was them. Every bit of the night was totally them.

Cocktail hour was great, we got a chance to meet some of their friends and had a wonderful time chatting it up with Kristen and Ryan. When we came back to the other side of the home, the dinner area was all setup, right as the sun was setting. It was the greatest backdrop for the rest of the night.

After dinner....which was yummy......everyone was given sparklers and asked to circle around the dance floor area. Danielle danced with her Dad, Erik with his Mom, and then the newlyweds danced as everyone surrounded them with sparklers! It was so neat, and one of my favorite parts of the evening!

Everyone was already on the dance floor....and so the party got started. Dancing, merriment, laughter and fun! Some cupcakes, and outfit change and the party went on.

We had a great time, and it was so wonderful to see Danielle and Erik become one!! Can't wait for them to return from their honeymoon and hear all about it!! Happy happy!!! Love love!

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When two people find each other they shine with warmth and happiness, so this pair is a vivid confirmation of this.