May 18, 2010

Catching Up

Almost as soon as I had my feet back on the ground in Santa Barbara, I was off again. I picked up my VP yesterday morning at 545am for our drive down to San Diego. We had a full day of meetings on Monday and Tuesday, and by the time tonight came around, we were pooped, and ready to be doing our own thing.

We Hotwire'd and ended up at different places, so I dropped him off and thought to call my buddy, Eric, who lives in SD. Lucky for me he lived about 5 minutes from where I was staying and didn't have dinner plans. I had him call the spot and we were off to Jimmy Fat's...or something like that.

It was on the water, near the harbor, and had a really nice view of all the boats. We sat on the patio, ate way too much and enjoyed catching up from the last year or so. Last time I saw Eric was for a quick stop when I was traveling through SD for work, with my last job.

Had a nice evening, didn't think too much about work before standing ALL day tomorrow at the show. Fun times. Thanks for coming to meet me even without a week's notice. :)

EDITED TO ADD.....just noticed that Eric is wearing the same shirt that he wore a year and a half ago when I was in SD. Maybe next time instead of dinner, I should take Eric shopping. ;) It's ok....I shouldn't poke fun. I wore the shirt that I had on in that old picture just this week. I need to go shopping too!

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