June 1, 2010

In Between

I've been following Tara Whitney and her work for a few years now, and love her style. It's so raw and real. She doesn't go for the pretty posed family picture, but does a beautiful job capturing the family as they are....to "just be". I truly love this.

The first time I saw this type of image on Tara's blog.....she calls it the "In Between".... I melted a little bit. I am not sure I can put into words to explain why I love it so much.....actually, I know I can't put it into words.

Since I've kind of labeled it that in my head, I knew that I wanted to try for an in between shot the next time I had the chance. I got a little giddy when I got this one and couldn't wait to come back and see it on the screen.

I know it's not for everyone...and I'm pretty sure that this one will be passed over on the DVD, but I love this shot from Sunday's family shoot. It might be my favorite of the day.


Anonymous said...

I actually think this is cool too! It reminds of a soft watercolor. I could see this framed somewhere in their home.

Mom B.

Pam Boubel said...

I recognize this pose and like it. Pam Boubel

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! One of my favorites.