June 17, 2010

And then....Danielle to my rescue too!

I should have taken a picture but it just felt like old times. I need to not take time with my Danielle, now Mrs. Sandoval, for granted though since she's off and married now and it's so much more difficult to spend time with her. Not that it's her fault....I feel like I've been the most antisocial person on the planet because wedding planning is all I do these days.

So, both of our boys were out of town for the evening, which meant that it was the perfect time for us to hang out, cook up some dinner, have a glass of wine, catch up....and talk about wedding stuff.

She's fresh off the crazy wedding planning and I'm in the midst of it, so she was a great help. I went through all of the things that I'd done, got some new ideas from her, added new things to my "to do" and overall felt a LOT better after she left.

Three weeks and a few days......tick, tock, tick, tock.....

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LB said...

where was i?!?!??!