June 28, 2010

I'm on the phone....

I love Brett. He makes me laugh. Especially when I get on the phone. It reminds me of my friends with their children. So many times, when I am talking with one of my friends that is a Mom, I hear them say "Honey, I'm on the phone right now....", as one of the kids is trying to get their attention at an inopportune time.

Brett is kind of the same way. If I walk in the house and am talking with one of my friends, he sometimes thinks it is a great time to get me to pay attention to him. I find myself saying the same thing to him, "Brett...I'm on the phone right now...", as he's trying to tickle me, or be silly, or something like that.

So, when I was talking with Emily, he had to come in and get his love too. :) Of course, I can't get mad at him because even though he's being a little annoying, I love him, he makes me laugh, and I will always love the attention from him.

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