June 25, 2010

Going to the courthouse...

Today was a half day...getting some big things done for the wedding! First on our plan for this afternoon.....get Marriage License.

We made it to the Santa Barbara Courthouse and were surprised that you fill it out online. We sat down....knew most of the basics, but had to do a little double checking on a few details. Turns out that you have to know the birthplaces of your parents to complete the application. :)

We stood in line.....it was funny to see several other couples in line in front of us doing the same thing as we were. It didn't take long, and it had to be the prettiest courthouse ever to get a marriage license. We're pretty excited. :)

We met up with our caterer at the rental spot to finalize some details before going out to Firestone for a walk through with our vendors. It was a beautiful day and got even more excited about the actual day in just two weeks! Woohoo!!!

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