June 12, 2010

A Family Story :: The Boubels

I remember the day I met Juliann at homegroup, the first time we hung out, and all the times that we've spent together since then - they've all been wonderful. When she asked me if I would take pictures of her family while they were all in town for Memorial Day, I jumped on it. If the rest of her family was half as wonderful as she is.....then I was in for a great time!

I was right. I was so glad to meet Juliann's brothers too - Taylor, Austin and Parker, as well as her parents. What a lovely family.

The boys weren't jazzed about taking pictures....I mean, what man is really.....but they're all lookers, those Boubel kids.

This was my first time telling a story with adult children, and my tricks didn't work on these kids. I opted not to try the "see the little red birdy" trick with these boys, but did get a few of the family to JUMP when I asked. :)

I do love the the way the sun creates a glow on the beach.....ahhh....yes, love it.

You've seen this one before...the "in between" shot...and the same in focus shot too.

I kind of like the shadow pictures too. :)

What a great family of 6! Had a fun time at the beach with the Boubels!

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The City Girl said...

these are sweet! nice job, lady!