June 22, 2010

New Outlook and a Few Degrees Warmer

A few weeks ago, Will said to me "Annemarie, I have a proposal for you that will definitely warm your blood a few degrees". I thought at first that there was something wrong, but it turns out that he was asking me if I wouldn't mind swapping desks. I brought a blanket to work because it's always freezing at my seat.

So, today, when I got to work, I realized that KarenAnne had done me a huge favor and moved my stuff for me while I was in San Diego on Monday. How lovely!

I'm in a new seat. It's warmer by at least 10 degrees. I sit under the huge skylight, so my space is filled with lots of natural light. AND...the best part, is that I see everyone! My last desk was facing the wall, so my back was to everybody. Now, I see all of the people that I work with, and it's just such a new outlook. I love it!

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