June 24, 2010

Crazy Crafty Lady

So, I'm not sure what made me stumble across it today, but I found this this neat little idea this afternoon to add a little bit of fun detail to the wedding reception, and decided to see if I could make it happen.

I made 3 different stops on the way home to see if I could find the appropriate materials for such craft project. I managed to find it and rushed home to see if I could figure this out.

I did figure it out. It looks good....so, now I've committed myself to make 126 of these things in the next few days or so. I wish that some of my special girls were able to take off weeks from their life and be here in SB to keep me sane, and help with little projects like this....but I'm just so grateful that they are coming to be part of our celebration at all, that I'm totally happy doing this before they get here, so I can spend more quality time with each of them when they are in town.

So....here's to me being the crazy craft lady over the next two weeks and getting it all done.


Mom said...

Wish I could be there to help you. You know I like crafty things = )

Unknown said...

Mail me the stuff and I will do it and bring it with me!