June 25, 2010

Morning @ Daily Grind

Funny enough, I've been to Daily Grind plenty of times for lunch as I love their tasty sandwiches, but when I was off to meet the girls for our ritual Friday morning breakfast, I put Daily Grind into my phone for directions. It didn't even click to me that they were one in the same. Duh!! I am telling you....my brain is total mush these days. Yesterday on my way to and from meeting Juliann for my workout, I made not one, not two, but three driving mistakes, and when I realized it, I was on the wrong roads to get where I needed to be. What is wrong with me these days?? Oh yeah, totally distracted with planning our wedding!!

Anyways......it was lovely, as always, to see the girls for a cheery morning and a cup of joe.

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Unknown said...

You are cracking me up!