June 19, 2010

Taking a Break....

I've haven't had much to blog about lately, because about 95% of my free time has been consumed with finalizing the details, and maybe a few big projects too, for the wedding. This wedding planning stuff is hard work, and I'm SOOOOO ready for the culmination of all the hard work to be here. Three weeks from today I'll be marrying my best friend and I am SO READY!!!

We re-met with our florist this morning, and then it was back to more details and such. Well, around 6, we were hungry, and decided to get out of the house. I made a quick phone call and it turns out that Nile and Caitlin were out on the town, and so they came to meet us.

I'd heard great things about Your Place, and it stood up to its reputation. Nile ordered for us, and it was all delicious!! It was great to get out for a bit, and see some happy faces!

Three more weeks!! Woohoo!!

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