December 23, 2008

The Woody Family Story

I met with the Woody Family before I left for my trip. We were originally supposed to meet on Monday...but Austin weather was NOT cooperating with us. It was hovering around 30 all day that we had decided to meet on Wednesday instead. [note: Please disregard the date on the slideshow being wrong. I was going to change it, but I don't have the font loaded on my traveling shame on me for trying to be prepared in advance...I won't let it happen again!).

Julie, and her boys....all 4 of them....Skyler, Jake, Zach....and hubby of 15 years, Keith......were a ton of fun! The kids were so adorable - I loved Skyler's red hair.....Jake was up for anything, a total ham in front of the camera.....and Zach kept me on my toes for sure!!!

I've had such a great time this fall in Texas with all of the lovely leaves, and colorful trees, so we started out in the neighborhood, and then took a short trip over to downtown Round Rock. After we parked and got out of our cars....we were near the Round Rock water tower. Every time I pass by this, I think that I would love to use it as a background of a photo. The Woody Family was up for it, so we ran across the street, and got a fun shot! We had a little bit more fun around the streets of RR before calling it a day based on the cold weather!

Julie, I had a wonderful time with your family. I'm so glad that your boys were up for telling your story for your Christmas present....I hope you love it!

For more of the Woody Family, watch the slideshow.

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Anonymous said...

Super cool pics, Keith.
You must be VERY proud!