December 16, 2008

Tuesday Smiles

Totally random, but I thought I'd share a few things that are making me smile today!

Song and Dance MAC LipGlass from my new holiday pack! It's pretty and it tastes like chocolate!! Perfect combo (thanks to the special someone who gave this to me too!). :)

I got my $100 Apple rebate in the mail today! I just filled out the form less than a week ago....they are FAST!! Wish ALL rebates worked that fast! Oh...and it was SOOOO easy. I filled out the form online, hit submit, got the confirmation, and wha-la - it's here a few days later. No copying, faxing, mailing, etc. Love it!!

The JUMP shot picture on Bobby and Lindsay's blog today. They are on this amazing trip through SE Asia, and are updating each day with fabulous pictures of their adventures.'s been a while since I'd taken a JUMP pic of my own, so this one made me smile.

Christmas cards from friends in the mailbox this morning! I especially love the ones that have pictures....all of my friends have such beautiful families!!

That's all....what's making YOU smile today??


Anonymous said...

The Muppets always make me smile.

Anonymous said...

You know what doesn't make me smile? You commenting crap comments on my blog. I don't like that.

And I think smiles are stupid. So there.

Annemarie said...

Oh can't get me down. Don't you know that you just got yourself an even bigger hug when I get to SB this week! :)

So there.

Brett Bollman said...

Two days... that makes me smile!

All Things BD said...

My new haircut makes me smile, it's shorter and a wee bit sassier, even on a 37 year old. :)

I'm also smiling at the purple suitcases I bought today for my trip to California on Sunday. Five more days!! If you're still there, I'll wave to you as I pass SB.