December 30, 2008

On the road again...ending in good ole Santa Barbara

First off, let me just tell you that I've never experienced this kind of pain before....while it's a good pain, one that tells my body that I need to get out, and moving around, a LOT more really hurts. I'm not getting much sympathy from Brett, I'm getting a whole lot of "baby", and "wimp"....which is fine. I DO need to get in shape....but OUCH!!

Anyways....we packed up the truck, once again, for our trip back to Santa Barbara...but not before being treated to a lovely lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Bollman at Elephant Bar Restaurant. It's supposedly a chain here in CA, but it was my first time, and I really got a kick out of the larger than life pachyderm that was near our table. We had a wonderful time here in Sacramento with all of the Bollman family, and hope to get to see them all again real soon.

We headed first towards San Francisco, and made a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course, everyone has seen this beautiful site on postcards and such, but I don't recall ever seeing it in person. We got out, walked around a bit, and of course, had to snap a few shots.

The streets in San Fran are so cool....we drove down Lombard Street....and had a great time looking to the left to see how steep the side roads were. They seemed to go up forever, without the end in sight. After a quick drive around Fisherman's Wharf too, we decided to take the scenic route, and hopped on the 1.

It was super sunny, and nice in San Fran, but on the road to the 1, the famous fog of San Fran started to roll in. It was crazy to me how quickly the weather could change!

The two lane road was bordered right up on the water....kind of scary, as the sun was starting to set, it was dark, and we could barely see what was right next to us, but I knew that it was a drop to the water. We took a quick jump out, parked where we weren't supposed to, and looked over the edge. Yikes! So neat....but one wrong step.....

The sunset peered through the fog for a quick bit, right around Half Moon Bay, and we had to jump out for a was perfect timing. As soon as we got back in the truck, it was all foggy again.

It took us a few more hours to get back to SB. We played some fun games on the road trip to pass the time. The letters game, where you try to find each letter of the alphabet in order in words on signs, didn't last very we started in on numbers. We made it all the way to 36 in the 9+ hours....I highly recommend it to keep everyone awake for the drives. :)

Dave and Dayna met us in SB shortly after we made it back, they came in town to hang out for NYE - yay!! We all stayed up chatting for a bit before we called it a night. What a fun whirlwind of a trip all over CA in the last 10 days or so. Glad to be back in SB, and looking forward to celebrating the New Year here too!


All About the Arredondos said...

Oh man, this makes me miss San Fran so much!! We got engaged on the Golden Gate bridge on Dec 29, 2004! Just a few years ago around this time. Well you had way better weather than we did...these pictures are great!! I need to get in shape in 2 months, so get back so we can do a little bit of exercise!!!

All Things BD said...

You're killing me with all the California talk. E Bar? Awesome. Golden Gate Bridge? Awesome. Scenic drive down the 1? Awesome. Missing California terribly? Not awesome.

BUT, I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy it all, and with a great guy to boot. Have fun on the rest of your trip!

Elisabeth said...

Your pics look like postcards!! It sounds (and looks!) like you're having such an amazing time!

Shaunna said...

Girl, your life is fantastic! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll be swimming in that bay in August. Woohoo!
-the fish