December 15, 2008

Seriously?!??! What is the deal with the weather?!?!

I am trying to thaw my fingers to type this. It was 80 degrees yesterday in Austin. I was sweating as I was hanging out with the Armstrongs at Mayfield Gardens.

I got home yesterday afternoon, and turned the thermostat to OFF.

This morning, I woke up, and seems like it might be a little chilly in here, but I didn't really check the temperature, and dressed for work as if it was still 80.

Um....bad move. It was 30 something I quickly grabbed my sleeveless puffy jacket, and a scarf to go with my attire. It was fine for indoors....but oh MY was it freezing outside. I think it stayed around 34 all day.

Thank you SO much (I'm sure they are thankful too) to the Woody family for willing to reschedule until Wednesday, when it's supposed to be back up to 70.

Just thought I'd leave you with some fun from my phone....and me and Molly....I'm trying to get her to help keep me warm. She barely stayed still long enough to take this shot!


Beankountess said...

This weather is nutty! Air on yesterday - heat today!

Molly only likes me to hold her ;-) Stinker.

All Things BD said...

I'm still getting used to Austin weather. The warmest jacket I own just doesn't cut the 35 degree days. Time to go shopping!! :)

Brett Bollman said...

Yikes! I thought it was cold here... only getting into the 50's.

Marisa said...

oh you pansies! it's not supposed to climb above 30 here today - my heat has been on for 3 days straight (no joke...not looking forward to that bill). now no more complaining! (but 80 to 35 is a bit shocking, i must say) ;)

Kelly said...

Your cat looks JUST like my Bianca!