December 25, 2008

Everything Christmas!!!

Today was a fantastic day, a wonderful Christmas, with the Bollman family in Vegas. Everyone (there were 14 of us total) came over around 10 this morning, and after getting settled, the Christmas present opening started. We began with the presents in the main room....everyone getting the ones with their names, and we opened them one at a time, so everyone could enjoy all the gifts. There were wratches, candles, iPods, PSPs, socks, shoes, videos, picture frames.....all sorts of fun for all!

I think that we all had the most fun watching Loralyn open all of her presents. Brett and I got her a few things that were a big hit right off the bat. She walked around trying to say "Bippity Boppity Boo" with her fairy wand, angel wings, princess skirt, boa, and sassy glasses. After a quick break, we finished up with the presents under the 2nd tree. I think it took a little over 4 hours in all.

After all the presents, the quest to get dinner ready started. Everyone pitched in to help in their own way, to pull off a fantastic dinner. We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, carrots, stuffing, and so much more. All 14 of us sat at the same table, and enjoyed food, fellowship and fun.

We all hung out for a little bit afterwards. We also managed to get a few group pictures too! Taking some more tomorrow of the Lamar group, and I can't wait.

Brett and I were able to get my sister, Erika, to download Skype tonight, so we were able to spend a little bit of Christmas with them all in TX too. Taylor and Rob are in Chicago, and I hope that they are staying warm and having a great time with the puppies there. I didn't spend this Christmas with my family in Texas, but it did feel like home here in Vegas with Brett and his family. Thanks to everyone for making me part of the day!!

For some more of our Christmas day fun, watch the slideshow.

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