December 9, 2008

The Phelan Family Story

What a fun Sunday afternoon I spent with the Phelan Family, Liz, Jon and Gracie, as well as cousins Katie, Dean, Ian and Lauren. The best part was trying to get all the kids to look somewhere in my direction all at the same time.....well, the beauty of it was that since I was the one with the camera, that part was left up to the rest of the adults to do the trick.

I truly wish I'd had a second camera with me to capture what was going on behind me. Imagine, if you will, 4 grown adults, ALL hooping and hollering at one time, to get these kiddos' attention. It worked, and the kids were having a great time!

All the well as Baby Girl #2 on the way for Liz and Jon, due in March....all did a fantastic job!

Liz, thank you for the opportunity to spend time with, and capture, your family's story. I hope you love it!

To see more of this precious family, watch the slideshow.

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