December 6, 2008

The Hill Family Story

I've known Danielle for quite some time now....we sat next to each other at work way back in the dark ages. I've had the pleasure of celebrating lots of events with this fun girl - her bachelorette party, wedding, and then the birth of a long waited little girl - Alyssa, last year on her own birthday....not to mention some awesome good old fashioned girl nights too!

Last Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to capture their family story! Since Alyssa is going to be ONE on the 9th, we took a few birthday shots in her cute little outfit, and then had some fun with the whole family. This girl definitely has her Daddy wrapped around her finger....well, I think that both of these "All American Girls" do!

Thanks, Danielle, for letting me tell your story!! You, Grant and Alyssa are such a joy!! :)

To see more of this family's story, watch the slideshow.

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