December 18, 2008

The longest trip ever!!!

This isn't very exciting....but let me tell you about my last few hours.

I got to the airport this afternoon at 215 for my 340 flight. The 1st of 3 (8 hours) to get me to my final destination. Here was my original itinerary.

Depart Austin for Houston at 340pm
Depart Houston for LAX at 6pm
Depart LAX for Santa Barbara at 9pm
Arrive in SB at 940pm

Here is what ended up happening.

To kill time in Austin.....I fiddled with my wifi (which decided to stop functioning properly)....and then realized that I'd left my earphones on my dresser....but made it out of Austin (despite the crazy heavy fog from all day) without a hitch.

Arrive in Houston. It's sunny outside (yay!)....let's hope for no weather delay! I landed at gate flight is at C43 (double yay!). Walk up to the gate. Everyone sitting, no one getting ready to board. DOH!! Flight delayed from 6 to 659pm. Oh boo!! Causes problems for my transfer in LAX to SB. Not to worry, I get on the phone with my Mom, and find a flight that leaves LAX to SB on United to get me to SB after all in the same night. Things looking up.

"I'm sorry maam. We can't get you on a transfer flight due to weather delays".

Boo!!! So, I'm going to essentially be stuck in LA without my checked bag, with no way to get to SB. Well, luckily Brett could drive there to come get me, and it turned out to be great, because we got to visit (and stay with) Dave and Dayna in LA for the night. Woohoo.

So, things are good. I land in LA, and do what the Continental attendants told me, and waited for my bag to come off the had no where else to go. Well, after a while, I ask, and turns out I was misinformed....bags will be at American Eagle. Stand in that line for almost 45 minutes to realize that I just missed them, and they shut down already for the night. My bag will be going to SB tomorrow morning, and we'll get there shortly thereafter to retrieve it.

Almost 11 hours later.....I'm here, in one piece, and all of my things should be accounted for. Finally got to D&D's house around 1130. It was all worth it as I'm here now, and we had a nice evening chatting with D&D. :)


All Things BD said...

I met friends in Vegas once, and one was flying back to SB, and the other chose to drive back to SB. The flyer made it all the way to within (theoretical) sight of the shore, and the plane was turned around due to fog.

This was after an 8 hour delay in Vegas due to the World Series of Poker ending, and she then had to wait another 10 hours before finally flying back.

My other friend could have driven back to Vegas, picked her up and gotten her home before her plane eventually landed. Fog in SB is a tricky thing.

Brett Bollman said...

Yeah... the whole driving to LAX thing was no fun.

But on the plus side... we did get to see Dave & Dayna... and you are actually in California!!! Woo Hoo!