December 15, 2008

The Armstrong Family Story

I met up with the Armstrong family on Sunday at Mayfield Gardens off W 35th......what a neat hidden spot. I'd stumbled upon it back in July with some girlfriends, and knew that I'd want to go back one day to take pics. I was thrilled when Denise thought it'd be great.

Trey and Brooke were a ton of fun.....and next time, maybe Mom and Dad will join in on the festivities! :) Brooke was a great guide...we followed her lead for most of the way....AND she got us back to where we started. More than I can say for myself, I was getting pretty good at getting us lost I think. :)

She might also have a future in directing photoshoots....she was so awesome at finding spots for us to take the shots. Thank you, Brooke, for all your help! I'll have my people call your people for the next one.....

Thanks Denise for bringing the kids to hang with me for the afternoon. I hope you enjoy the story!! :)

For more of Trey and Brooke, watch the slideshow.


BSDGuyShawn said...

Cute kids. Mine only act like that when they want something :)

*Lissa* said...

I like your new site! The lighting in these shots is fab. LOVE the sunburst!