December 19, 2008

Rock Band, Yummy Pasta, LOTS of Candy and Four Christmases

We had breakfast with D&D, and then headed on the road to the SB Airport to retrieve my bag! What a teeny tiny airport, but thank goodness my bag was there when I arrived. was the one with some Christmas presents in it, and that was really what I was concerned about in the end!

After work, we promptly hit up Rock Band.......Kyle, Brett and I were pretty awesome, as usual. HA! I'm really not that good, but it really is such a fun game....and can fill up hours upon hours of entertainment. After a little while of playing, we decided it would be nice to get out of the house for some food and a movie.

We got some din din at California Pasta on State Street. I took one look at the menu, decided on the lemon chicken pasta - "Sauteed chicken, black olives, onions, bell peppers, artichoke hearts. Finished in a light lemon and olive oil sauce."....yeah, it was good. I was very happy with my choice, even though I needed some help finishing it all up!

After dinner, we were on our way to the movie theater, when the boys decided that we needed some candy first....well, Brett decided. He really likes candy. I found the moderate sized bag of Swedish Fish, Kyle opted for the new Premium Mint M&Ms, while Brett couldn't decide on one he went for the 2lb bag of Willy Wonka candies, and stuffed his pockets, and his sweatshirt front pocket, with all of it so we wouldn't have to go back to the car first. We were very ninja like in getting into the theatre without being discovered.....and the whole scenario left us with more laughs than the movie did. Four Christmases was rather disappointing...there were about 2 funny bits in the whole movie.....and we've all seen this Vince Vaughn character before. (But I still love Reese!!!)

A fun Friday night overall! State Street was all lit up for Christmas!


Marisa said...

brett loving candy. hasn't changed a bit since college! it's amazing he's as skinny as he is...

Anonymous said...

Your updates rock! Can't remember the name, but I love the sushi restaurant on State street. I bet it is pretty all lit up...

All Things BD said...

I waved to you on my way past today. We're in Lompoc for 4 days.

I agree with you on the movie. It was very disappointing. And did you notice the weird cut scene where Reese was going into the bounce house? It wasn't even her! They seem to have gotten a really bad impersonator.

Have a merry Christmas!!