July 7, 2010

The Wedding Timeline begins....

The Wedding Weekend Timeline has kicked off - woohoo!!! This morning I actually got up early with Emily and went for a walk with her. Crazy, I know. I couldn't keep up with her, and told her to go ahead and finish without me.

We got ready and went in for pedicures. Janey, Piper and Amy (who came in from Idaho - woohoo!) came to meet us there.

I am actually amazed at how well I'm holding it all together. I sat there and just enjoyed my pedicure and manicure and relaxed. It was great. I am more excited than anything!!

We came back and Brett and I got to the airport to meet my parents and Taylor. They were the first to arrive, and we were all ready for lunch. We went close to work and I was happy to introduce them to Anna's Bakery, one of my favorite sandwich shops in Goleta.

And then we waited for the Waldorfs to arrive in Santa Barbara from LA. We heard that they were here and went to go greet them! Woohoo!

After getting them a little settled, we decided to go over and check out where my parents were staying. The ride over there, we all split up. Brett and I got Taylor, Colin and Aedin in the truck. It was a fun ride for sure.

The house and cottage were so sweet. It was neat to see where we'd be getting ready the day of the wedding, and discovering that the lighting in there was pretty sweet. I really love this picture, and am so thankful that both of my sisters are here and will be standing in the wedding for us. It definitely took many years to get here....but I am so happy that they are my sisters and I love them both very much. I am so glad that we're all here together!

Erika and her hubby, Terry, were brave souls and traveled all the way here to CA with all the kids. Brett and I are so excited that all of their clan is here for the wedding and fun. They are a ridiculously good looking pair...well, the whole bunch is for that matter.

And....here are all the Adams spinoffs and their families (minus Rob - we missed you!). If you look really closely, I promise you'll see Dylin. :)

We ventured over to the pier at Stern's Wharf, but as we parked we ran into a hippie mobile. The owner of this ride has been living in it for 15 years. Not one spare space on the vehicle was uncovered with some kind of trinket.

Another stop along the way was for all of us to try out our luck at the good ole fashioned hula hoop. Erika started us off and before you knew it, we'd all given it the college try. I wasn't the greatest, but the kids had such a great time.

We finally made our way over there and had a fun time walking all the way to the end, looking over the edge, and then making our way back.

You don't often see a picture of all 7 of the Waldorf clan because Erika is always behind the camera. I seized the opportunity and snapped a quick one of them. They are a super fun bunch and we are so excited to be showing them the beautiful place we live.

We made it back to the truck and picked up some KFC for dinner - oh how I love their mashed potatoes and cole slaw. After satisfying our appetites, a few of us headed over to the Babcock House to greet the Bollmans who were on their way to arrive.

They made it safe, and after unloading and saying a few hellos, meeting up with Dave, and then saying good night to Brett, we called it a night. Until tomorrow.....sweet dreams. Just a few more days.

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