July 25, 2010

Random Sunday with Lots of Fun

I really need to work on my blog post titles. I know this.

We were a little over zealous this morning and thought we could get to the 10am service instead of our normal noon. Well, we got there a few minutes late and the parking lot was packed. Since we were already in Carp, it seemed like a good reason to go and get some breakfast, and then head back for noon.

It was the perfect plan because we ended up at Cajun Kitchen. I ordered, well, I can't recall what it was named but it was SO much food. Grits, english muffin, and a huge omelette....and they were all so good. I even got to taste the fresh salsa AND apple butter, and they were so tasty too!

Brett had the biggest plate of French Toast that I've ever seen.....and he finished it all. That means that he fell into a nice nap after we got back to the truck and still had some time to kill before making our way over for the noon service.

Pastor Francis Chan filled in for Britt today, and he did an amazing job at the pulpit. I truly enjoyed his service and will look forward to seeing him preach at Reality again.

We came back to the house and I wrote thank you notes for 3 hours. Around the time for dinner, we had the brilliant idea to take a trip to Ventura for Target, and decided to invite the Sandovals too!

We picked up Danielle and Erik and had a really fun time on the trip, the store visit, AND at In-N-Out on the way back. So good!!

It was fun to hang out with the other newlyweds and I'm so glad that they are in SB!

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