July 3, 2010

Getting things done...

Wow....Brett and I got a LOT done today. We decided that it was about time to open up some of the early gifts that we've gotten, and put them away. We unpacked the new plates, mugs, pots, pans, kitchen towels, etc, etc, etc.....and got our kitchen all setup! It's so shiny, clean, and sparkly in there now, and it just makes me happy.

I made us lunch today using our new plates, bowls, and the toaster oven. So fun!! Brett was working hard on a project that we started, and learned quickly that it wasn't going to finish. Oh well....lesson learned. You can't stain wood that isn't meant to be stained. :)

After a long day of getting things knocked off our list, I talked to Camille and she had no evening plans. She asked if I would entertain her if she came over, and I said YES. She of course, also, said she's bring over dessert - homemade Blueberry Cheesecake! Yumm!!

Brett and I have also been VERY much enjoying our Kuerig coffee (and hot cocoa) maker - a wedding gift from my cousin, Virginia. So, we all had a nice hot cup of drink too with our tasty treats!

During our dessert, we decided to start up game of Scrabble. It was a close one.....to the very last round...for Brett and Camille anyways. She pulled out the win by about 4 points.

Camille and I then tried to be a little crafty with a bigger pom pom flower, and I think that they'll end up staying at the house and not making it to the wedding. Oh well...you never know unless you try!

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