July 28, 2010

Raise the Roof

So, when Camille was over the other night....she really loved our Snuggie. And Molly. They are friends now, don't tell anyone.

When Brett and I were in Target, we walked by the Snuggie display and both thought....we need to get Camille one. We settled on the purple one as we didn't really see her sporting the pink.

I called and told her that Molly had a present for her, so she came over tonight to collect. We had dinner, played some Scrabble Apple, a game of Cribbage. It was her first time playing Cribbage...and on her very first hand, she scored 24 points. The most you can ever score is 29....and it's really not that simple to score more than about 12 or so. Beginner's luck for sure....she loved it!

Well...she loved the game almost as much as she loved her surprise. Her very own Snuggie...with pockets!!

I think she liked it and you might see her wearing it around town with a belt. (I hope not!).

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