July 11, 2010

The Day After!

I won't kiss and tell.....but our wedding night was perfect. Brett and I stayed at The Oceana Hotel right across from the harbor in Santa Barbara. The drive back to town went by fast as we recounted how wonderfully perfect our wedding day and night was. There might have been things that didn't go the way they were supposed to but neither of us noticed, and it didn't matter because were were married and were now Man and Wife. Perfection!!

We woke up and looked out the window and saw the most perfect view. It was a shame that we hadn't planned for more time with just the two of us to hang out but we were off back to our new home as a couple to greet our family and friends that were stopping by to see us before they (and we) left.

Dave had decorated Brett's truck last night as a total surprise...and it was so tastefully done too (thank goodness!).

We stopped by to say goodbye to the Waldorfs before we left, and were given the sweetest gift by Aedin. She had painted it for us and brought it all the way from Texas - it's me and Brett on our wedding day a la Picasso. I just love it and can't wait to figure out where we are going to put it in our home. Thank you Aedin!!

We had a few last minute visitors before they took off to the airport, and then we opened a few gifts with everyone at the house. Our tummies started to grumble so a few of us made our way to Los Arroyos for some food. Brett and I were starving, and mexican food hit the spot.

It was great to spend some additional time with people before they, and we, left town. Brett and I excused ourselves from everyone for a few hours because first, we wanted some downtime to take it all in, and secondly, we had to pack! We had decided not to even start to worry about what to take on our honeymoon until after the wedding. Luckily we were taking the redeye out of LAX, so we knew that we had the time to do this today.

We started packing, and then my parents stopped by to say their final goodbyes and scoop up Taylor. Brett's family came by to say goodbye too and then we were off.

It's been such an amazing time being engaged, planning the wedding, being showered with love and gifts, the wedding....but now......the HONEYMOON!! See you guys on the other side!! xoxo - The Bollmans :)

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