July 6, 2010

Tuesday!!! Eeek!!

Can you say hard to concentrate much?? I actually had quite a few things to take care of today at work before I am going to be gone for two weeks, so that helped in getting it to by fast.

Emily came back to get me after work and we made a quick trip to visit Nina, the florist that I we hired for our wedding. We've had a little bit of flower drama with the yellow flowers for the wedding. For the longest time I've pictured ranunculus for the yellow flower....well, Nina tried SO hard to get some in for the wedding, but they didn't make it past the CA agriculture in time, so tonight we had to pick a replacement flower.

I'm actually, in the end, happy that it all happened the way it did because I am really excited about the freesia instead. Who knew?

Also, we hired one of our friends from our church and Homegroup to shoot video for the wedding at the last minute. Pretty darned excited about it too - he's awesome at capturing the moments - which is what we like. :)

Ok....getting ready for everyone to start coming in tomorrow. EXCITED!

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