July 24, 2010

Reasons to Fall in Love with SB

Oh, what a fun Saturday!! Brett and I went to meet up with Kyle and friends at one of the homes he gets to stay at every once in a while. I was all dressed up to meet up with other people later, so I was in my dress already. I was a little bummed because the pool looked so refreshing and fun!

The boys had a good ole time trying different dives, flips and just plain silly moves. It was fun to watch though.

I left in the early afternoon to meet up with Emily and Camille and some of her high school friends that just moved to SB for some wine tasting. We started out at Kalrya.

After being there as long as we could, we decided to go over to Telegraph Brewing. We were on bikes, and I was excited becuase it was going to be a nice ride over there. Although, Camille was telling us otherwise. She was convinced that the spot was right around the corner. So convinced that she bet me $5 that she was right and started on her way.

Emily and I got on the bikes and started to ride down the street when we saw Camille walking back towards us....if she had a tail, it would have been between her legs. It went something like this.... "Oh shutup. You were right. Here's your $5.".

We ended up at the Kunin Tasting Room and it couldn't have been more lovely. I hadn't ever noticed this spot before, but Camille knew the owner. Seth was great to personally pour our tasting and filled us in on his story.

It was a fun afternoon tasting, and then Brett came to pick the girls up for our evening activity. We learned that Meiko was in town and thought that we had to pay her a visit. She did, afterall, provide one of the songs from our "wedding soundtrack". The girls walked down the aisle to her "Reason to Fall in Love".

She was the same as I remembered her the last time I'd seen her over 2 years ago. Witty, cute, funny, and a little crass all at the same time. We all enjoyed her show and the dinner at SoHo too!

We got the chance to chat with her for a few minutes after the show and tell her the part she played in our ceremony. She was uber sweet and we wished the native Atlanta peach the best with her future continued career.

The four of us came back to our place after and stayed in the mood for music. We did a little dancing, Emily serenaded us with her sweet songs and voice, and then the night ended with Camille falling in love with our Snuggie.

A really great and funfilled Saturday!! So glad to have such awesome friends! I love life and SB and my hubby!

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