July 4, 2010

Fireworks on the Fourth

Ok.....so we decided that we'd join in the festivities to get out of the house for a bit. It was already getting late, and we needed to eat, so Taco Bell to the rescue it was. I hadn't ever noticed the funny little sayings on the sauce packets....thought this one was cute.

Good thing I'd already said yes.....because if Taco Bell was on our regular date night routine.......just kidding. TB was actually my idea because we were running late.

Our plans were to get down to where everyone was and meet up with Kyle and Suzy. Well, once we got out of the car and started walking, we quickly realized that the phone wasn't going to work with all of the crowd. So, we missed out on seeing them down there. Bummer.

But, we did have pretty good seats for the show. We ended up plopping down on the blanket on the sidewalk right at the edge of the sand.

After the show ended, we moved along with the rest of the crowd back towards State Street. Can you believe, out of thousands and thousands of people, we ran into Erik and Danielle? So fun!! We joined them on the walk back and bid them adieu when we got to our car.

What a super fun 4th of July after all!! Only one more day of work before the family gets into town! I can't wait!

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