July 9, 2010

We must rehearse before the big day!

Oh my gosh....today is REHEARSAL DAY!!! I am SO ready and can't wait to get married tomorrow!!!

I started the morning off with some of my favorite girls. We met up at French Press for some joe and quality time. It was a wonderful morning and I always have such a great time with these women.

After that, we went to pick up the sandwiches and head over to the park for our afternoon picnic and more fun family and friend time.

The sandwiches from Sams to Go were SO good and everyone was happy to fill their bellies up before we played some whiffle ball. Almost everyone decided to take a turn, and we had a great time hanging out .

It was the perfect spot too as Kiddie World was right there too....the girls chased the boys or maybe it was vice versa. :)

Yup....my handsome groom. :) I'm a lucky girl.

I can't explain the joy that this picture brings me. Once again, I had to just pinch myself when I started to realize why everyone had come to Santa Barbara. Brett and I are SO loved by our families and friends to have made the trek out to SB for our wedding. We love you all very much!!

The drive out to Firestone was a little surreal. All the girls piled into Autie's Suburban, the parents rode together, and the boys made their way out there too. We were all very behaved little students when Joy showed us what to do. The rehearsal went off perfect and then it was time to get back to town and celebrate!

Brett's Mom did an outstanding job transforming the backyard of the Babcock House into a rehearsal dinner dream land. I was floored by all that she had done to make it special. I loved the colors, the tables, and the flower arrangements. It was all so beautiful!

It was such a wonderful time to spend more moments with family and our closest friends before the craziness of the wedding.

We are SO blessed to have Dave and Ashley Lomas as our guests, and Dave as our Pastor for our wedding service.

One last funny snapshot.....this was the little hidden treasure that I put in each of the guy's groomsmen gifts. I took a few of the pics that Jasmine took of him a while ago and printed them and put into frames. I think that these might have been the hit of the night, and everyone had a good laugh at my Brett's expense.

After most of the people had turned in for the night, a small group of us joined in the living room, totally unplanned, and had a sweet, sweet, time of prayer. We were prayed over and it was such a beautiful time.

I cannot wait for tomorrow when I get to marry Brett in front of our family, friends and God.

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