April 11, 2010

The countdown continues....

It's been a weekend of wedding planning, and getting prepared for the upcoming weeks of where I have to move. Last night I started to put somethings into boxes, and now I think I'm going to try and have a garage sale next weekend. All proceeds go towards the wedding...that's a pretty good cause, right? I'm kidding...but it would be good to get rid of a few things, and if I can make a little bit of cash at the same time, that's a win win.

We took a trip today after church to take a closer look at the place where our parents are staying for the wedding. We were able to go in, peek around, take some pictures, and it's going to make the next 3 months THAT much harder to make it through.

I cannot WAIT for July 10th!! Geez!!! The next 90 something days are going to be so hard!!

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Unknown said...

Don't get rid of that antique piece in your garage at your garage sale. If you are, I want it!

My family is looking forward to the stay at the house too with the Bollman and Adams parents! We paid our cut;) Thanks for the video.

July 9th and especially the 10th are going to be fantastic days/nights. It is too far off, I can hardly wait. There is so much going on between now and then though.

Went to a wedding Friday and teared up (always happens I guess) and so I made a mental note...get waterproof mascara for your brother and Annemarie's wedding cause I know I'll be waterworks that day. You don't need a bridesmaid that looks like a member of KISS.