April 4, 2010

From Death to Life! He is Risen!

I love reading our friend's, Marisa, blog. She is so wonderful with words, insightful, and I love her ability to share her faith in ways that make me feel alive. I just love it. I've been hearing in my head over and over since she wrote it, "From death to life" and it has just stuck with me. She was baptized today and I already read about it and watched her video. So amazing. I know she is reading.....so.....I love you Marisa and am so glad that we are sisters in Christ!! Many continued blessings for you, Eric and your marriage! I can't wait to see you in July!!! xoxo

With it being Easter weekend, I've been thinking a lot more about that, what it means, how THANKFUL I am for what it means, and I'm so happy to be saved. He is risen!!!

Brett and I went to the last service today....Pastor Britt's 7th service of the day.....at noon. He was on fire and shared the Word with a full house. We got there early today, for a change, and ended up sitting right in the front row. The message is so much louder from the front row....both literally, and figuratively. Nothing in front of you to be a distraction, just Britt preaching from the pulpit. I did miss being part of the congregation for the worship though. I love to be right in the middle of everyone worshipping, hearing all the voices together as one. It was a great Easter service!! Brett looked like the cutest Easter egg in his pink and white striped shirt. I love him!!

Brett and I decided to finish up working on wedding things this afternoon, and I am wrapping up being on this computer for the last 9+ hours. We are bad influences on each other because we can do this, and then look up, way too many hours later, and realize that we didn't eat dinner. We first realized that at 8, talked about getting something to eat, but now it's after 11 and we still haven't eaten. Well, I lie. I did have one of those Reese PB eggs....man, those are good!!

But....it was a productive afternoon and evening. I spent majority of the time writing and inputting content into our website, while Brett figured out our RSVP. It's all looking pretty good if I do say so myself. I can't wait to hit "Publish" after Brett approves all the work! :)

Ok...I'm out. It's raining and I know it's going to be cold out there for my short 5 minute drive home. I can't wait until my activies before I go to bed just include walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth and then getting into bed with my hubby. So soon....less than 100 days to go!! Woohoo!!

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Marisa said...

love you too sister! (and yes, climbing in bed with your hubby is awesome - especially when your feet are cold and he is warm! hahahaha)