April 8, 2010

Hangin' with the Stockhaus

It's been forever since we got together with the Stockhaus folks, together with both of them....so when Christi invited us to dinner at their new place, we jumped on the invite!

It was so much fun. I loved that we were all able to hang out for a bit while we cooked up din din. I made some up some mushroom and cheese apps, and Christi wowed us with the main course....and the dessert!!

We had salad and the California version of fajitas. They were super yummy, but it was a good thing we saved some room for the final course. Christi made Paula Dean's version of the ooey gooey cake. Oh.my.goodness!! It was so good, Brett loved it. It inspired me to find the pan that she made to use it and add it to one of our registries - ha!! While I was there, I might have added a few other things. Heehee. It's kind of fun now. ;)

After dinner, we hung out and watched an episode of The Office. I love hanging out with Jamieson and Christi and hope we do it more often...and soon!

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