April 18, 2010

A Love Story :: Jen and Jake

When LB asked me "Guess who is engaged?", I couldn't immediately think of who it might be....but DUH!! Of course it was Jen!! She was in Paris with Jake and he totally surprised her and popped the big question, as they were on a boat on the River Seine, the Eiffel Tower in the background....so romantic! Of course she said yes, and I am so excited for the two of them!!

Not too shortly after I heard the news, I asked when we'd be taking pictures. Yes, I just assume these days. I love being around couples in love and shooting their story with my camera. :) We made plans and then waited. Oh how I dread the waiting part.

But Sunday finally came, and I was ready for these two lovebirds. Well...I might have been a little too anxious, because it turns out that we met up about an hour too early. That pesky sun. When we first got out to Ballard Lane...it was just incredibly too sunny, but we tried nonetheless. This is where we saw the snake, and missed stepping right on it by just a foot or two. Eek!! Gross! I get the shivers just thinking about it again.

Well, we got over the reptile sighting, headed into downtown Carp, had an outfit change, walked around, and then headed back out to the fields.

You guys are totally cute, and I had such a great time with you both!! I can't wait for your wedding this summer! Woohoo!! :)


Emily S Crawford said...

Annemarie...YOU are talented, my dear!! You did such a great job on these!

Jen & Jake...y'all are AWESOME. I can't stop smiling! Good lookin' couple right there!!!

I can't wait for August :)

Wow, love theses photos...

LB said...

yes yes yes yes yes! i especially like the ones of you two kissing. wink!!

Larissa said...

Wow! These are amazing! I love them all, but something about the one on the bench really got me. Thanks for capturing these for them!!
P.S. I'm Jen's friend from SLO. =)

Lisa Lewis said...

These are beautiful in spite of the lighting issue you dealt with! My personal favorite is the one on the blanket nose to nose. Too sweet! Love you guys!

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