April 12, 2010

Digging San Diego in Little Italy

I got up this morning in Santa Barbara at 4am and headed to the airport just a little bit later. What a morning to be traveling. The rain is such a deterrent to getting the morning to being a good and pleasant one. No one likes to travel with an umbrella.

We stood outside for the longest time before actually getting to board the plane. I don't know why I get to the SB airport early when they don't even let you through security until the last minute on the 6am something flights. Oh well....maybe I'll get there later next time.

Anyways....when we got off the plane a little bit later in LA....I saw this wonderful rainbow waiting for us there. So....I guess the rain isn't that terrible if we get the opportunity to be reminded.

I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. - Genesis 9:13

So, I started walking towards the gate....the rather long walk....in heels (ugh).....towards where I would catch my next flight to get me to my end destination of San Diego. I noticed that there was a flight leaving almost an hour earlier than my scheduled one, and there was still time for me to catch it. I walked up, and was put on the stand by list. I was pleasantly surprised when I was bumped to the head of the stand by list due to my Premier status. Woohoo!!

So, I got the last seat on the flight, and made it to SD in the perfect time. If I had taken my original flight, I would have been an hour behind schedule all day.

I had a few great visits, and ended up finishing around 730. A long day to say the least, but it was a good day too. When I got back to my super fun hotel downtown, I asked the valet for a recommendation for dinner, and walked over to Filippi's in Little Italy per his suggestion. The garlic smell from outside the place was intoxicating.

A new friend who I met in Orlando at the end of last year, happened to be in SD too for work, so she came to meet me. It's kind of amusing that both of the times that we've hung out, it's been in a town that neither of us lives. Sara and I enjoyed a nice glass of Chianti, some yummy Italian food, and great conversations getting to know each other a little better.

After dinner, we tried our best to get a good shot with the Little Italy sign in the background. My attempts were pretty weak at best, and I think she might have gotten a semi decent one with her camera.

Sara then shared with me that "her" picture was cartwheels....kind of how mine is "jump"...and so we found some tourists, that barely spoke English, showed them what button to press, and then cartwheeled across the street under the sign when no cars were in sight. I'm not too sure how those shots turned out, but I'm betting they are pretty funny to say the least. We even got a few spectators to cheer us on. Too funny!!

A day away from my life in SB ended up on a great note hanging out with Sara. Turns out that I'll get to see her again soon as she is headed up to SB after her week here. Fun times!!

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Anne said...

Can't wait to see those cartwheels!