April 15, 2010

Night with the Fairfields

We schemed up a night of hanging out with Caitlin and Nile. I got a little too excited about making us some homemade Cherry Limeades...but oh my gosh, they are SOOOOO good!!

I think that my company did too!! :)

We made up some pizzas....it's becoming quite a standard. So easy, so tasty, and always a crowd pleaser.

After dinner, Caitlin and Nile showed us how to fondue! They brought over their little contraption, the chocolate, some goodies to dip, and we were set. Yum!!

We finished off the evening by watching their wedding video. It was so fun to see their big day, and it's making me that much more excited about ours. Woohoo!!

After they left to go home and take care of Parker (their dog), Brett and I hung out with Molly for a bit. She is so used to the camera now that it's getting easier to get some fun shots. Yes, it's a little weird. Just wait until we have kids. :)

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