April 3, 2010

Marking things off "the" list!

So, since we went to the 6am service yesterday morning, we decided that we should go ahead and get some wedding things done this weekend.

Friday after work we decided to start on the registry. Oh, the registry. It's been quite a source of contention for me...which is strange, because you're picking out things that you want, but there seems to be so much pressure with registering. Is it just me? It might be. I don't know. I mean, I have no idea what kind of plates I am going to want for the rest of my life. I guess I have this weird idea that whatever we get we'll use forever since my parents still have the blender that they got as a wedding present.

Anyways....we met with Jared at the SB Macy's and got all signed up, and then he let Brett loose in the store with one of those scanners. We walked around for a good 10 minutes before we'd scanned anything. Ahhh....the pressure!! The first thing that Brett ended up scanning was a $40 bath towel. Yes, I balked and thought that was ridiculous, but he really loved that towel. Oh, don't you know that it's going to come off as soon as we log into it at home. I mean, who in their right mind spends $40 on one towel? I don't care if they are Turkish! Ha!

Well, we did end up making a pretty good list of things...I guess. Most of the things are for the kitchen, but we need those things. After about 2 hours, we were both done. Exhausted and not wanting to scan anything else, so we met up with Kyle and B for dinner at Fresco Cafe. We watched Time Traveler's Wife after and it wasn't as bad as so many people had told me. I was so pooped from a long week that I went home, and crashed and didn't wake up until 930! Nice!!

So today......wait, first things first....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Ok, so....today, we decided to get a few more things done. We headed into LA to make a first trip to Robbins Bros to get our wedding bands. Check! That's done. I can't wait for Brett's to come in, it's going to be so neat!!

Turns out that there was a bigger Macy's and a Target right across the street.....so guess what? We registered some more. Target was a little bit more fun because there were things in there that I liked, that were affordable, and fun....like $5 bath towels. Ha! I'm not sure which scanner Brett liked better but he did try to put his eye out with both of them!

Only a fiance, or maybe his mother, could love that face. Oh, Brett. :)

After feeling pretty good about what we put on at Target, and picking up some Reese's Peanut Butter eggs, we made one more stop into the Macy's to make sure we hadn't missed anything.

We then went to meet up with Dayna and Hadley for some dinner. Yeah!! Dave was still on Spring Break with students, so we had the two of them to ourselves. It was a great evening hanging out and catching up. Hadley fell asleep on my chest after her dinner, and that was pretty sweet. She's already looking like a little girl instead of a baby. They grow up so fast!!

A nice drive back to SB without traffic got us home in just a little bit over an hour. We caught up on LOST and then I went to bed!! A nice lovely day with Brett, and it feels good to get some wedding things off the list!!


JakesMom31 said...

Please keep the $40 towels on there. You are grown ups and deserve fancy towels!! The $5 towels are good for kids and pets ...

Betty Bollman said...

Yeah you're right, his mom DOES love that face! He's definitely his own weird self, but he keeps you smiling! I've loved him since day ONE! ~ Brett's mom