April 22, 2010

Big Rig

I flew to Phoenix this morning for work. We took off at 6am, and landed 30 minutes early...which cut my morning nap short, but oh well. It was nice when I landed. I think that anyone that visits AZ during April might be convinced to stay. It was the most blue, most filled with clouds, place that I had ever been. The weather was great too, and I rather enjoyed the landscapes also. Cactus and red mountains are kind of neat and could make neat backdrops for pretty pictures.

However....I know that it gets super duper hot in just a few short weeks, maybe months, and so I'm not going to pack up and move here anytime soon.

After the day was over, and after I found my hotel, I knew that I had to get something to eat. Chris, one of my colleagues who moved from the Phoenix area, gave me a few recommendations before I left, so I thought to look up one of his ideas. Turns out that there was an Oregano's just a few blocks away from where I was staying, so I took on down the road in my rental minivan.

Side note....I wouldn't be surprised that if, when the time comes, I end up driving a Chrysler Town & Country. They didn't have any small cars ready when I picked up my rental this morning, and so I ended up in a minivan. It was a 2010 model with less than 2500 miles on it. This thing was really pretty amazing, and I really enjoyed driving it. Oh, AND....the side doors open automatically when you just open the handle, or you can do it from the remote. Now THAT is pretty cool. Yup, I want one.

Anyways....I found Oregano's, a spot at the bar where I could order from the full menu, and went with Chris' choice: Big Rig Pasta, add chicken. When the plate arrived, I realized I was in trouble. There was enough food for 3 in front of me. So, after I made it as far as I thought I could through it, I packed the rest up and took it to the guy at the front desk. Not sure if he thought I was super crazy, or if he ate it, but I just couldn't throw away that much food.

I sat up and watched the abc player on the iPad on loan from the office while trying to get tired enough to fall asleep. Then I was a little more bored, and not so tired, so I ended up watching YouTube videos before I just couldn't take anymore, and so I closed my eyes.

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