April 14, 2010

What a Wednesday!

I had quite the interesting day. This morning, I woke up, got ready, and headed downstairs to the valet at 745am. When I got there, I met Michael and told him who I was, and which car I had left the night before with Mitch. He looked, and didn't seem to be able to find my keys. He asked me to peek around the back, and check if I saw them. I didn't see them. He went and checked, and my rental car was there....but there were no keys. Ummmm....

He looked again, and called Mitch, and had Rebecca at the front desk also start to help to look for the missing keys. I went to get a coffee from Starbucks and came back around 845am. At this point, they decided to take me to my appointment in Carlsbad, about 40 minutes away, which was good because I did need to get to it. So, Michael took me to the meeting, waited for me to finish, and then drove me back.

When I got back to the hotel, it was determined that the keys were nowhere to be found, and so the hotel was going to have to take care of it with the rental car's locksmith. So, with nothing left to do, I decided to walk over a block to get some lunch while I waited for the time to head to the airport.

I got 2 super yummy slices of greasy pizza, and enjoyed it sitting out front. It was a beautiful day and I was happy to be outside!

One of the other valet guys drove me to the airport so I could catch my flight home. Well, I got to the airport, and went to the area marked Gates 3-10 to get to my Gate 4. The lady there told me that I was in the wrong spot, and shooshed me out of her line. I was so confused, but headed to the area where she told me to go. When I got there, the man told me that I was also in the wrong place.


I was so confused....but then, he told me where I really needed to be. It turns out that I was supposed to be at the commuter terminal. I hopped on the red bus and was to the right place in about 5 minutes. Phew!! I got there in plenty of time to catch my flight home.

I landed in SB right before 5, and as I walked out of the landing area, I was greeted by smiling Brett! What a wonderful greeting!!

Then I got to end the day with my beautiful homegroup. I truly love going on Wednesday nights to spend time with these Godly people. Each week I get to know my fellow groupies even more, and it's great.

Tonight I brought the camera so we could get a group shot. :) Love my sweet, sweet, homegroup.

Yeah, we're a little silly too! :)

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